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French crêpes & mediterrainean cuisine.

Said about Café Girafe

„Opened in 2006, Café Girafe is a popular establishment that offers an array of delicious homemade treats including their specialties: French crêpes and Breton galettes, which are savory pancakes made from buckwheat. You will find other very tempting meals ranging from Norwegian smoked salmon with quail egg to Yakitori Chicken. Light cold sandwiches are available as well, making Café Girafe a top choice for this area of Prague. The restaurant can boast of many regular diners who return time and time again for the inspiring food and desserts. The desserts are a real treat here as each cake, tart, etc. is homemade with love from prized recipes. Cakes and sweets are made to order making each piece unique. If you are searching for a great place to have a light and lovely meal or if you simply need an unforgettable dessert, Café Girafe is the right choice for you!“

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Crêperie Café Girafe

Brandejsovo sq. 1234/6
165 00 Prague - Suchdol
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