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Organic food and delicatessen

Our deli counter offers treats from around the world, carefully selected based on absence of superfluous additives, many of which are organically produced. You can buy organic teas, wines, sweets and also many of the ingredients that we use to prepare our restaurant meals.

A few examples:

  • homemade pickled ham sausages
  • spicy pickled camembert in olive oil
  • homemade pesto (basil or dried tomatoes)
  • homemade bacon smoked on apple wood
  • duck mousse with port wine

Did you enjoy our coffee?

Buy some for your home:

  • ground
  • unground
  • in Nespresso capsules
  • decaf

Did you enjoy our pasta?

We can prepare a "noodle ball" for you at a friendly price.

Fancy some Dutch farmer butter?

You can have it for CZK 229 per kilo.


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