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Cakes and confectionery

We prepare lots of cakes and sweets every day, using ingredients that are either fresh or come from a renowned confectionery company (particularly Braun).

You can buy a cake over the counter, or you can have a cake made to order, optionally decorated with extra chocolate or fresh fruit.

Fruit cakes

Refreshing fruit cakes are a summer favourite. You can choose from our well-tried cakes, or you can compose a fruit cake to your liking. Just tell us what you would like your cake to have, and our confectionery chef will prepare it for you. We can also advise you which fruit combinations work well. Summer or not, you can hardly go wrong with one of our fruit cakes.

Charlotta strawberry cake

Chocolate cakes

We dare say everybody loves chocolate. However, as you have undoubtedly noticed, the pricier chocolate is, the better it tastes. We only use chocolate from top makers to prepare our chocolate cakes, thus giving them an original and hard-to-match taste. Just try and see for yourself.

Double choco 70 %

Chocolate lover on a diet?

No problem. Try one of our low-fat chocolate cakes, such as the Light chocolate cake with strawberries.

Like a drop of alcohol in your cake?

Try the delicious Royal cake with amaretto.

Gluten free cakes

Many of our cakes are also available in gluten free version.

Where and how to order cakes?

You can order cakes and other treats in our online store nasladko.cz. You can find many further details on the website, including delivery throughout Prague. Cakes need to be ordered at least 48 hours in advance.

If you have a special request beyond the scope of the online store, please contact us and we will do our best to make your wish come true :-)


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